Andrew Corcoran

musical direction - piano/keyboards - music preparation


A slightly odd start to October, as an entire week went past without a single piece of work coming my way. No shows. No rehearsals. No auditions. No worry, though, as every week up until Christmas was full of work after that, and indeed I've managed to sow up a busy diary now until late May! More on that in a future post.

So the week off was very useful before heading away from London for an extended period of time. First: get the Sky Planner emptied as best I could; Second: get as many promised catch-up drinks sorted as possible. In the end I was meeting up with old friends from previous shows, university and even secondary school practically every day, and I felt very refreshed ready to tackle the final quarter of the year.

First up: the Chicago tour. As luck would have it they very kindly plonked the set into the Churchill Theatre, Bromley, a mere 4 miles from my flat, allowing for another week sorting out at home before leaving properly. It really took me back a few years to do a full 8-show week (in a good way!!) and a pleasure to play with what is surely one of the best set of musicians on a musical in the UK at the moment.

Then it was straight up to Newcastle to begin my seven-week stint on Mary Poppins. It's proving to be a busy period: a couple of 9-show weeks to kick off with, then straight into rehearsals for a new adult cast member before the tour is joined by new principal children. Now that I'm there effectively full-time, they've promised to use my piano fingers to their fullest extent! Well, it will certainly keep me amused in the production's' November venue, Bradford, aside from the contractual curry nights, that is.

November's getting off to quite the start, though, as I head into the Piccadilly Theatre this afternoon for my first conduct of Jersey Boys in London. Yes, the freelance work carries on, too!