Andrew Corcoran

musical direction - piano/keyboards - music preparation


I'm coming to the end of the Jersey Boys tour. Next Saturday will see the show close in style at the Edinburgh Playhouse. Following on from tours with The Glenn Miller Story & Wicked, this also marks the end of being on the road after almost 14 months straight and I look forward to bedding myself back into the capital (and my flat) once again!

I've also been fortunate to have had 17 months of near-constant work spanning four separate shows that dovetailed nicely one after another, making some great friends along the way. The unknown nature of the forthcoming enforced bout of freelancing always has an element of anxious excitement, but with a number of great productions on the horizon I'll definitely be making myself known to relevant parties.

February saw the Jersey Boys tour finish up in Northampton before moving to Wolverhampton. Neither of these towns are especially exciting, although I got to stay in the same wonderful digs in Wolverhampton that I used on a previous tour, which certainly helps. I've been staying away from London, largely because my bathroom is being refitted, but it's given me a chance to spend some time with family up in Cheshire, made better by a 10-day break on the tour before it plays its final venue, Edinburgh.

Last week was therefore a good chance to spend a few days at the Mary Poppins tour, which is currently in Manchester, seeing it both from out front and from the pit. The show is in typical "Cam Mack" sparkling form and I very much look forward to depping on the Keys 1 chair next month when the show moves to Birmingham.

Talking of next month, other than the aforementioned Jersey Boys swan song in Edinburgh and Poppins in Birmingham, that's all that is planned, which in a way is rather nice. I'm planning to check out some shows and concerts and there's a filing cabinet in Hither Green that could do with a good sorting out. Back next month with an update as a freelancer!