Andrew Corcoran

musical direction - piano/keyboards - music preparation

Fun with the Family

A busy month on the Addams Family tour, finishing up a great run in Salford, followed by a week each in Sheffield, Bristol & Woking. All four cities brought with them fantastic audiences which really buoyed the performers and ultimately makes the show such great fun to conduct each night!

We welcomed some new recruits to the tour this month: I have a new Assistant MD starting, Joe Hood, who takes over from John Donovan (who heads off to MD The Band). We also met some new cast members who are being rehearsed in to the show ready for our run in Singapore: Lavinia, a new ensemble member, Corey English who will be Fester, and Rebecca Thornhill, who takes over as Morticia. I will in fact be working with Rebecca for quite a while, as she will also be reprising her role of Mrs Wormwood on the forthcoming Matilda tour!

Talking of which, there was another quick visit to London this month to drop in on the London production of Matilda. I had another fabulous insight into the rehearsal process, sitting in on the day of the full sound check with the band. It felt like a concert performance and is a really good way to hear the orchestrations, harmonies and sound effects all working in sync for the first time with the new cast. It makes me all the more excited to get started with the tour.

October kicks off with a brief visit back to Cheshire to wish my mum a happy 64th birthday today. We're sat drinking Champagne as I type! Apologies for any spelling errors as a direct result. Tomorrow I fly to Belfast to enjoy a week of Guinness and Bushmills, as well as of course more Addams Family fun. Later in the month we take the show to Glasgow, Wolverhampton & Milton Keynes before culminating in a Halloween performance in Dartford, our final UK venue. Time really does fly when you're having fun!