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musical direction - piano/keyboards - music preparation

New Arrivals

A little late with my update this month, which only serves as evidence of how ridiculously busy things have been over the past few weeks. I left Plymouth early to head back to London, working with the new cast of children as they prepared to join the tour. The show has now moved to Bradford, and current cast met new cast as everyone congregated at the Alhambra (and its very useful studio theatre doubling up as a rehearsal space) to complete the rehearsal process for 20+ new pint-sized members of the Matilda cast.

As I write, we are halfway through technical rehearsals. We tech Act Two next week and then we dress and open them the following week, before hot-footing it to Edinburgh, our next venue! Back to Bradford, though, and I’ve been ensuring I find time to sample its famous cuisine of Pakistani Desi flavours and sumptuous curries. I’ve been trying to find more of the well-established favourite haunts around the area, and was blown away by Shimla Spice up in Shipley. I still have Mumtaz and Akbar’s to cross off this time around!

In family news, my sister (whose birthday is today, in fact) gave birth last week, making me an uncle for the very first time! Welcome to the world, Léonie. Apparently I have to teach her piano at some point.