Andrew Corcoran

musical direction - piano/keyboards - music preparation

More of the Same

The freelancing continues! A busy month full of one show here, one show there, a trip up to Edinburgh for four performances of Mary Poppins at the start of the month, and a trip to Southampton at the end of the month for the very same show. I'm now up and running on both chairs on the Mary Poppins tour, bringing the total chairs I concurrently play on up to six, with music for three others currently sat on the piano over there being learnt (or relearnt).

The advantage of the bitty nature of the work is it opens up opportunities to see other events, meet up with people or generally sort my life out at home. I saw my sister for the first time in three months, newly back from her round-the-world honeymoon, perfectly timed with an evening soaking up the Eurovision Song Contest. I also went to see the Gladiator movie at the Royal Albert Hall, another part of their season of films with a live orchestra. In a rare treat for me, I hadn't actually ever seen this film, so it was a perfect evening taking in the score for the first time whilst enjoying a story I didn't know the ending to. My next filmic adventure will be Independence Day later this year. Can't wait!

June (busting out as it once did) sees me balance the freelancing with making sure I see my favourite sporting moments. I've already failed at the first instance by agreeing to play Mary Poppins at the same time the French Open Tennis final is scheduled to be played. D'oh! I'm sure I will cope (and the pay packet of course helps). Today I'm off to see Funny Girl at the Savoy with my mum who's popped down to London for the day, and later in the month I'll finally get some full-time R&R in when I join my mum & dad in their apartment in Minorca. I should finally get that tan started! (Ha.)