Andrew Corcoran

musical direction - piano/keyboards - music preparation

Sun & Shows

Another month in the freelance world goes by. Mrs Henderson Presents bowed out at the Noel Coward Theatre, one of the shows I was helping out on, so I've replaced that by making a triumphant return to the Chicago piano chair (now combined with elements of the 2nd piano and accordion chair) which is currently touring around the UK. Having played the show 574 times in London, the show felt unnervingly familiar even after nearly four years away, a different cast, a different theatre and a lot of new notes to play.

I got my promised few days in the sun, relaxing by the pool and Mediterranean Sea in the north of Minorca. I was somewhat distracted by news from home, though, as it was the same week as the EU referendum, when British politics started to resemble a one-off special of The Thick Of It. Still, it was warm and sunny and the food was great, so I certainly made the most of it!

July gets off to its traditional start of lots of tennis watching as well as playing keyboards for Showcase 2016 at The Lowry, the annual get-together of am-dram societies from around Manchester to strut and sing their way through 15 minutes of a favourite musical. I have an extended trip to Norwich to help out once again on the Mary Poppins tour and also my first dip of the toe in the water of Arts Educational, helping out with a small summer project.

Enjoy the sun! Once it eventually arrives, that is.